MAGIC Triangular Crayons

Product ID: RC-5007100

There is wide range of colours – 38 colours, including neon and metallic colours

Features of MAGIC Triangular Wax Crayons:

  • They do not stick to the hands, and do not rub off on them
  • They do not leave wax pellets or crumbs on paper
  • They do not break
  • They have good colouring properties

The triangular shape allows drawing to be done with the top , side and face of the crayons.

Available Shades


BASIC                                                               PASTEL

  White, Item code: RC-5007100-100                            Ochre, Item code:RC-5007100-270

Yellow,  Item code:RC-5007100-230                           Burgundy,  Item code:RC-5007100-320

Orange,  Item code:RC-5007100-250                         Pink,  Item code:RC-5007100-340

Scarlet Red,  Item code:RC-5007100-380                   Cyclamen, Item code: RC5007100-370

Purple, Item code:RC-5007100-400                             Lilac, Item code: RC-5007100-450

Cyan, RC-5007100-501                               Turquoise, Item code:RC-5007100-560

Sky Blue, Item code:RC-5007100-530                        Olive Green, Item code:RC-5007100-665

   Brown, Item code:RC-5007100-770                             Navy Blue, Item code:

Green, RC-5007100-670                              Aquamarine Green, Item code:                                                                                                                                                                 RC-5007100-512

Black, Item code:RC-5007100-800                                 Grey, Item code:RC-5007100-810

NEON                                                         METALLIC

Lemon Yellow, Item code:RC-5007100-211               Metallic Pink, Item code:RC-5007100-330M

Light Orange, Item code:RC-5007100-240               Metallic Purple, Item code:RC-5007100-400M

Vermilion, Item code:RC-5007100-300                       Metallic Blue, Item code:RC-5007100-500M

Dark Red, Item code: RC-5007100-301                        Metallic Green, Item code:RC-5007100-610M

Dark Purple, Item code:RC-5007100-410                   Metallic Silver, Item code:                                                                                                                                                                          RC-5007100-910M

Light Purple, Item code:RC-5007100-420                    Metallic Gold, Item code:RC-5007100-920M

Midnight Blue, Item code:

  Emerald Green, Item code: RC-5007100-640

Chrome Green, Item code:

Wax crayons on paper create a continuous glossy layer and thus turn ordinary office paper into decorative ones. For example, with them you can create exclusive requrements, photo albums, origami, etc.

MAGIC Crayon Frottage

For transferring textures or stencils to paper, charcoal, pencils and various kinds of crayons can be used. This technique is called  Frottage and it is one of the simplest drawing techniques.

For a texture you can use natural sources of leaves from trees, embroidery, wood, cut or crumpled paper, etc.

Method of Creating Frottage:

  • One hand holds the paper, and the textured base under it. The other hand creates the colour with the crayon on the paper. The movement should be fast enough, strong and smooth at the same time, to create an even placement of colour and to reproduce the texture of the base with good accuracy.

Metallic shades in gold, silver and bronze, as well as pink or blue, will turn every kind of paper into something exclusive, especially on a dark background. You can conjure up original greetings cards with your children as, invitations to at celebration for friends and family.