You can make a very nice colouring book at home.

You will need:

  • Stencils (type of stencils is up to you)
  • Office paper
  • MAGIC Triangular Wax Crayons (grey is the best colour)
  • PRIMO water colours
  • PRIMO fibre-tip-pen black


  1. For this projects, use the Frottage technique with MAGIC Stencils and MAGIC Wax Crayons (it is very important to use MAGIC Triangular Wax Crayons for future work).
  2. After you have Frottaged the Stencils, paint it with water colours.
  3. To complete your picture, use a fibre-tip marker and make contours.
  4. It´s easy as you think! Now you can prepare a colouring book for your kids every day. And don´t throw away the paper, it is great material for other crafts. This project is very easy, quick and attractive.



Used products:

Set of MAGIC Triangular Wax Crayons – PASTEL