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All Stencils and Templates are the work of author, RICO.CZ

We divide the products into Stencils and Templates.

Educational and decorative MAGIC Templates and Stencils are a comprehensive range of products designed for children of different ages as well as for creative adults.

They are made of 220g/m2 white cardboard. Suitable for various art techniques, such as Frottage, blunting with paint, drawing with plasticine, blow markers or spraying.

The set of Stencils contains 6 pieces, the Template set contains 10 templates. Both product types can be applied to all the above art techniques. The difference is in the appearance of the resulting creations.


  • Frottage – Templates and Stencils
  • Blunting Colour – Templates and Stencils
  • Blow Markers – Templates and Stencils

WARNING: We recommend that you not use damp  colours on the wet stencils. This will extend their life much longer.

ALL Stencils sets are divided into the following categories:

  • Contour Stencils – suitable for young children. Contours are perceived better by children. Sets A, B, C, D,..
  • Themed and Decorative Stencils – e.g. Autumn, Christmas, Celebration, Mother´s Day.

Templates are designed in several ways: for decoration with paints, glue and sprinkled sands, Frottage with MAGIC Triangular Wax Crayons and coated with cloth or paper, for sewing and embroidery, etc,

Templates are divided as follows:

  • To cover the entire paper surface, and
  • With cut-outs.

Each set of Templates is themed. For youngest children, there is a set of 01 templates => a mixture of simple silhouettes, which can be used for various art games, not only for educational purposes.

MAGIC Templates and Stencils help teacher and parents to exercise children´s motor skills. For this purpose, MAGIC Triangular Wax Crayons are used of colouring and Frottage.

It is important for young children to involve their imagination and, through play, to lead them to paint the paper with the wide side of the MAGIC Wax Crayon in the place where the cut-out is hidden. The silhouette of an animal or a flower will unexpectedly appear. They can continue to draw, illustrate or cut out the picture.

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